About us

Enterprise-class IT services for SME's

Precisionsoft was founded with one simple goal in mind, provide enterprise-class IT services to SME clients. All of our services are developed or sourced in accordance with this core principal. We will not sell inferior products or services just to come in at a lower price, although our prices are still some of the lowest in the market.


Our Story

Precisionsoft was founded in 2010. Our core focus was software development. Over time we have moved our focus away from software development as the market is changing and there are enough off the shelf products out there to cater for most of today's business' needs. SME's simply don't need to take the risk anymore of developing their own software products.

Our team has numerous certifications listed below. We have also align ourselves with industry leading suppliers and service providers that have proven track records. This protects your investment from purchasing products or services that might not be available or serviceable


We are registered partners of the following ISP's and Fibre Optics companies:

  • Metro Fibre Networx
  • BCS Group (The Wired Corporation)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MWEB
  • xDSL
  • Afrihost
  • Web Africa