Facebook WiFi

Build Brand Loyalty


Customers have grown to expect free WiFi access, especially in restaurants, cafe's and hotels. Why give WiFi access away for free without any direct value for your business? Now you can give your customers free WiFi access and get something out of it too with Free Facebook WiFi built into Cisco Meraki's access points.

South African context

Facebook has become SA’s biggest social network, seeing its strongest growth yet in the past year – and overtaking Mxit for the first time. This was one of the key findings of the SA Social Media Landscape 2013 research study, released by World Wide Worx and Fuseware. The study shows Facebook has 9.4 million active users in SA - up from 6.8 million a year ago.
Why no tap into this market of potential customers?

Insight into customers demographics

With Facebook's Insights you receive aggregated anonymous statistics about customers and even passers-by that check into your free WiFi. Even if users do not connect to your WiFi, there is still some information gathered from these users anonymously in Meraki's presence monitor. This will reveal vistor traffic trends, dwell time and new vs. repeat visitor loyalty. You can also see the capture rate percentage of passerby's that become visitors of your store.

Streamlined connection process for customers

The connection process must be easy for customers to use, otherwise they simply won't use the system. With Facebook WiFi the authentication process is very simple and seamless to your customers. All that is required is a check-in on Facebook. You can optionally provide a WiFi access code or op-out option for the few customers that do not have Facebook accounts.

Reach your customer's network of friends

Facebook now counts over 1 billion active users, so there’s quite a good chance that your customers have Facebook accounts as well. Each time a customer checks into your Facebook WiFi, their network of friends are notified. This social network exposure helps you extend your business' reach to these potential customers as well.

What do I need?

Facebook only supports Cisco Meraki hardware for Facebook WiFi. All you need is an ADSL line with bandwidth and the Cisco Meraki WiFi access points with Enterprise Cloud Controller License. Facebook WiFi is only one of the many features of Cisco Meraki's product offerings. Read more about their Cloud Managed Networks. If you need an ADSL account, please have a look at our ADSL offerings.