Voice over IP telephone / IP PBX

Cost savings

The cost savings with a VoIP based IP PBX are derived from 3 areas:
Call rates
Call are charged at reduced rates well below national telecom and alternative providers. True per-second billing is applied from the first second.
Line rental
All you need is 1 ADSL line irrespective of the number of simultanious incoming lines you need. No more multiple junction lines with huting facilities required.
Equipment cost
Most legacy PBX's are extremly expensive and are usually rented. Our IP PBX hardware is very competitively priced and as a result most customers purchase it outright.

Stolen lines / Failover

In case your ADSL service goes down due to cable theft or any other reason, our solutions include a failover connection to ensure your company's telephony and internet remains functional.

Bandwidth Optimisation

We make use of the licensed codec, G.729 which allows approximately 20 concurrent calls on a single 512kbps ADSL line. We also deploy a firewall / router that monitors the internet connections, allow remote management and offers additional security for your network.

Cloud-based IP PBX

We can also provide cloud based IP PBX systems. Please contact us to design a system best suited to your requirements.